Rough Stone Masons

 The Operative Art is that which was practiced by the Stone-Masons of the Middle Ages. Masonry is sometimes defined as a Speculative Science founded on an Operative Art. 


The Worshipful Society 

Kansas City Historical Society and Study Center  

is active in its support of vocational training for the stone industry and general education in deprived areas of Kansas City Mo


The Company supports the craft of stonemasonry through providing financial assistance to students and apprentices for their instruction courses.


It works closely with a number of home owners and in particular the Building Crafts  and with the City Kansas City Mo where the emphasis is on vocation training in the craft of stone masonry and stone carving.


We also encourages skilled stonemasons to further their craft by Kansas City Mo


The Company is represented on the Council of City and Guilds, Kansas City Mo which is the body for vocational training in Kansas City Mo  


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