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• A) Historical Societies & Preservation Organizations 
This directory lists over 4,500 preservation organizations, historical societies and programs dedicated to historic preservation and cultural resource preservation in the United States and Canada.

• B) State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) 
The State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) administers programs and services specific to their particular State including the National Register of Historic Places programs (administered through each SHPO), as well as, but not limited to, tax incentives, easements, grants, technical assistance, Section 106 review, and education programs. This directory lists SHPO offices for each State in the US.

• C) Tribal Historic Preservation Offices 
Tribal Historic Preservation Officers have the responsibilities of SHPOs on tribal lands and advise and work with federal agencies on the management of tribal historic properties. Responsibilities include conducting archeological and cultural resource surveys, maintaining permanent inventories of historic and cultural properties, nominating properties to the National Register, and reviewing Federal Agency undertakings pursuant to Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act.

• D) Certified Local Government Commissions 
Certified Local Government Commissions include City / County Historic Preservation Offices, Landmark Commissions, Economic Development Offices and other government offices and commissions charged with identifying and designating city/county landmarks, as well as regulating changes to designated buildings.

• E) Downtown and Main Street Revitalization Organizations 
Over 1,100 organizations and programs dedicated to the preservation and promotion of downtowns, main streets, and community planning as an essential part of a sustainable society are currently listed in our comprehensive directory.

• F) Educational Programs 
Our Educational Programs directory provides information on all institutions of higher learning that have degree programs and/or offer certification in the study of historic preservation, cultural resource preservation and other resources related to historic preservation and cultural resource management education. Choose from the specific program of study or resource type below:

• (a) Undergraduate & Certificate Programs in Historic Preservation 

• (b) Graduate Programs in Historic Preservation 

• (c) Architecture Programs 

• (d) Building Arts and Traditional Building Programs 

• (e) Interior Design Programs 

• (f) Landscape Architecture Programs 

• (g) Museum & Cultural Resource Studies Programs 

• (h) Planning Programs 

• (i) Public History Programs 

• (j) General Resources: Continuing Education Courses 

• (k) General Resources: Field Study Programs 

• (l) General Resources: Professional Training Seminars, Workshops & Online Webinars 

• (m) General Resources: Resources for History and Cultural Resource Educators 

• (n) General Resources: High School Programs & Resources 



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