As the list of historic building and structures continues to increase, so does the demand for masons who have the necessary skill and knowledge to preserve them. 


The KANSAS CITY HISTORIC STUDY CENTER  has been developed to better equip HSC members with an understanding of traditional materials and methods with exposure to advancements in preservation technology.  This base knowledge of historic masonry preservation will enable our craftworkers to maintain a competitive edge in this ever growing market.


Core Modules

  • Fundamentals of Historic Preservation

  • Introduction to Architecture

  • Introduction to Materials/Deterioration

  •  Building Technology

  • Historic Structure & Condition Reports


Additional Training Modules

  • Brick Restoration

  • Terra Cotta Restoration

  • Stone Restoration/Dutchman Repair

  • Concrete Restoration

  • Historic Mortars: Materials, Removal & Pointing Techniques

  • Masonry Cleaning

  • Mold Making and Casting

  • Caulking/Sealants

  • Consolidants/Coatings

  • Pinning & Grout Injection

  • General Safety Awareness Training

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